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           Kendo is a traditional culture of Japan.  

   The Philosophy of Kendo’s Forefathers
The sword reflects the mind. If one’s state of mind is not correct,
  neither is the sword.
  The one who wishes to learn the way of the sword must first learn
   the way of the mind. ”

                     Toranosuke Shimada (1814~1852)


 “One who learns the sword should not concern themselves with the
 outcome of the match.
  A pure mind and nourishment of the soul allows for a win within

         Yamaoka Tesshū (1836~1888)


Founded in 1952,the Shinjuku Kendo Club is a friendly and
inviting club, which holds lessons three times a week. We
welcome all levels of Kendo practitioners,from children to
adults, and beginner to senior grades.
As well as this, with several Hachidan teachers regularly
visiting the club,
including our President, Masago Sensei, you will find
Shinjuku Kendo club both a friendly and challenging
Dojo to practice in

Message from Presideent of the Shinjuku Kendo Federation

Shinjuku has, from many years, been an important transportation hub for a huge number of people, and has developed as an office and residential area while retaining its personality and history.

The Shinjuku Kendo Association, while keeping the two foundations of “Diversity” and “Concentration” at its heart is focused on the principle of “Kou Ken Chi Ai”, or Crossing Swords to Know Love.

At Shinjuku Kendo Association, we are working hard to entice more people into Kendo, even if it might be one person at a time. Be you a resident or a worker here, or even someone who only passes through, regardless of your grade, age, sex, experience or race, we are happy to meet you.

Kendo is one of Japan’s traditions, so why not start with us, in the centre of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. We are waiting to practice with you, here at Shinjuku.


Located in the Shinjuku-Ku Sports Centre, which is situated inside
Toyama Park, you can reach us in within 10 minutes on foot from
Takadanobaba train station, by both the JR Yamanote and
Tokyo Metro Tozai lines
Practice Times          

****Please inquire us in advance before you join the practice.**** 
****If you would like to join the practice, we do NOT have extra equipments to lend.****  
****Please note that you may not be able to join our practice if you come without the inquiry per advance.****           


Evenings  photo                   

Main Practice 19:00 – 20:00                 

After-keiko 20:00 – 21:00

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Mornings  photo

10:00 – 12:00

Wednesdays and Fridays


Children  photo

Beginners Tues,Thur.,Sat.16:30 – 17:30

Experienced Tues.,Thur.,Sat.17:30 – 18:45




     Adults:       20,000 Yen /  Year
     Children      22,000 Yen /  Year


For any inquiries, please feel free to send an email to

 collaboration : Stuart.Gibson